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Welcome To Top of the Mountain

This is the website for the TOMA PA Homeowners Association



Upcoming Events

There will be a Meeting scheduled for July 25th. 2020.  During this meeting there will be Nominations for all held positions of our Executive Board and Trustees. The meeting will be held at 1208 Little Billy lane.

Upcoming Events

General Information

Community Information

All Owners of Property on Toma Grounds are subject to Road Assessment fees of $350.00 dollars per lot. These fees are for all lots owned weather it is vacant or has a dwelling on it. Invoices are mailed out in late December of each year for payments due by March 31st of next calendar year. a 5% discount is offered if payment is made prior to January 15th. Any payments not made by the March 31st deadline are subject to $100.00 fine.

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